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Below are selected provisions of the Membership Terms and Conditions along with the Plan Policies. Upon submission of your application, you will receive the full terms and conditions for review and endorsement. Otherwise, please email to review the full terms and conditions.  Please note Shared Flight Services are only offered to members. Membership based on allotment by Airspace. In the event allotment is filled or not met you will be notified. 

Select Terms and Conditions

1.1 Airspace is an exclusive aviation membership service offering Members the ability to select a seat on a scheduled flight within his/her/its Plan (the “Membership Program” or the “Program”). Upon Applicant submission of the Application Form (found on, Airspace staff will review said Applicant and decide whether or not to accept such Applicant and into the Program as a Member. Airspace offers Guest Memberships. All Guests shall agree to the terms and conditions.


1.2 Prior to and at such time of approval, Member shall and hereby do agree to the terms and conditions of membership herein and hereby authorizes Airspace to charge the Monthly Membership Amount each month for the Plan selected for the entirety of the Plan Term. Any discount codes applied at the time of membership application will be applied on Member’s statement. Members, and all Guests, hereby agree to the terms and conditions herein along with the Plan Policies attached hereto as a condition precedent to the use of the Program. Members also agree to any Notices posted by Company.


1.3 Airspace Staff retains the sole discretion as to acceptance into and renewal of Membership. Airspace retains the right to make exclusive and binding decisions with regard to member acceptance or renewal and may be denied for any cause whatsoever or no cause at all. Airspace will not charge Applicant any membership fees to the payment method provided if and until Member is accepted into the Program. In the event the Applicant is not accepted, Applicant will not be charged, and there shall be no further obligation to Applicant by Airspace.

1.6 For Membership Plans with Named Guests, designation of the Named Guest shall be effective for a period of no less than 6 month. Member may re-appoint a Named Guest to another individual only once during any Plan Term by requesting re-appointment to Airspace in writing (“Re-appointment”).


1.7 Referral only membership model. The Program is offered to 100 open members for each Route and then exclusively on a referral basis. Membership will require a membership recommendation in writing by a current Member in addition to the other requirements of Membership included herein and in the Policies. Airspace retains no liability in the event the membership minimum is not reached for any given Plan. In such case no Membership Fee will be charged. Airspace reserves the right to manage any waiting list and when to add or subtract inventory.

3.1 Each seat on the aircraft arranged by Airspace has a designed Seat Cost. Members are required to pay the Seat Cost in addition to any Membership Fees paid in order to make a Booking Reservation. All Seat Costs under the Plan are outlined in the Plan Policies. Members can use the Airspace Reservation System to make a Reservation Booking on a Scheduled Flight.


3.2 One Seat is guaranteed under each Plan once a month each direction. Flight Booking Reservations are subject to availability and are offered on a first come first served basis. Guaranteed seat applies to any given Seat on the aircraft in any one calendar month. In the event for some reason that a seat is not available for booking within the month period, Airspace agrees to refund the Monthly Membership Fee for the month in which the service could not be used because of unavailability.

6.1 Membership privileges are available exclusively to Member, Named and Unnamed Guests and cannot be lent, shared, transferred, leased or sold, directly or indirectly, to any third party. 

6.2 Guests (both Named and Unnamed) must make a Seat Booking Reservation with and travel with the Member to utilize the Shared Flight Services. Members are required to be present on board of any flight that Member with one or more Named or Unnamed Guests.

8.1 The aircraft provided under the Membership will be a 2014 or newer model year Gulfstream 650 or Bombardier Global 6000 or Dassault Falcon 7X, Bombardier Global 5000 or Express, Equivalent or better. It may be the case that Airspace has to substitute an aircraft for a variety of reasons including but not limited to availability, maintenance, delays, and/or crew restrictions.

8.5 Catering shall be included for each flight. Please email us before your flight with any dietary restrictions. We cannot guarantee that the food served on the flight will be appropriate for your dietary restrictions. All efforts will be made to accommodate. We may offer multiple meal option for each flight.


8.6 Damages to Aircraft. Member and Guests agrees to indemnify and reimburse Airspace for any and all costs and expenses incurred as a result of damage and excess wear and tear to the aircraft interior and/or exterior determined to be caused by the Member or Guest. Any such charges will be billed to the payment method on file.

B.4 Refund policy. On all seats purchased, Members can cancel or change a flight for $200 so long as it’s done more than 72 hours before the flight. Cancellations made inside 24 hours are subject to the cost of the seat. Any other cancellation occurring between the above two windows is subject to a $350 cancellation or change fee.

B.8 Flying Standby. Members are allowed to fly standby by request only. In the event that a Member or Guest does not report to the boarding gate area no less than 5 minutes before departure, Members may, on a first come, first serve basis purchase the Seat for the no-show Member and/or Guest(s). The Standby Passenger must pay for the cost of the Seat in order to fly. If you plan to fly standby, please provide your request to

C.1 No Tipping. Airspace kindly requests that Members and Guests abide by a no-tipping/gratuity policy. This applies to all Airspace Staff and Flight Crew. This does not include Ground Crew and Baggage Handlers.

C. 13 Drugs. In accordance with FAA rules and regulations, Members are not allowed to consume, carry, use or transport aboard the Charter Aircraft any narcotics, controlled substances or drugs unless specifically prescribed by a medical doctor to Member or Guest and said medicine is only consumed by such individual. Cannabis use, consumption or transportation is prohibited.

D.1 We reserve the right to subject you and your baggage to security screening and neither we nor our employees or agents are liable for any damage, loss, delay (including for refusal to transport), confiscation of property, injury, or other harm relating to or arising out of security screening or your refusal to submit to security screening. Furthermore, you must allow security checks, searches, and scans of your person by us, our handling agents, government officials, airport officials, police or military officials, and if you do not allow all such security checks, searches, and scans to be conducted, we may refuse to carry you and your baggage.

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